X doesn’t mark the spot

What’s wrong with me? I seem to be the only one not excited by the new iPhone X.

Sure it’s very impressive technically, but what’s it giving in terms of new user experience. As far as I can gauge nothing. A major feature for a new phone shouldn’t be how you unlock it. Surely it should be how it’s used. It’s exactly the same user experience wih the phone once it’s unlocked as every other iPhone. Ok so there are a few gimmicks such as mapping facial movement onto emoji’s. However this type of thing will only entertain first time tried. It’s nothing for the longterm.

Now I’m an Apple fan. I use apple products from iphone, iPad, apple watch to laptop. So this isn’t an apple bashing option just for the hell of it. I just feel this is crazy expense for nothing extra. Apple have recently done something similar with the MacBook Pro. They add extra hardware and features and hike the price into the stratosphere without actual improving the experience of using the equipment at all. This is a trend I’m starting to worry about. With the difficulty of coming up with anything truely revolutionary Apple seem to be adding lots of new window dressing without changing what they’re selling in the window. The Apple innovation has hasn’t produced anything truly new for several years now and I think they’re well aware of this and are starting to grasp at ever larger straws.

I’m hoping this is just a short term trend and not the way Apple are going for the future.

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