Visual Studio Code

Visual Studio Code is a butterfly that’s been an ugly catepillar for way too long. I’ve tried it a few times over the years but always been disappointed. However, after a long road we finally have a fully featured and adaptable code editor. The ability to edit remote files via SFTP, and/or SSH. Plus the ability to configure the numerous coded syntax checkers and code validation tools plugins is excellent. You’ve the option of leaving it as light or heavy as you wish. I started with just using the basic client without any plugins and still found it light and user friendly. Over time I added plugins as needed and have built up a test solution and validation/verification tool which I doubt I could find as feature rich anywhere else.
Integration with Team Foundation Server and GIT is absolutely a dream come true. So easy and helpful. It’s hard to consider that this was derived from a windows code editing suite. It works and fits so well with C on a Ubuntu Linux server, an apache PHP web server, C# application development, and Bash/Java scripting. It fits with any coding language I’ve tried. Definitely my client of choice.