One aspect on the Mac that has always been a problem is the lack of support for MS Project. There are a few alternatives but they are prohibitively expensive for personal use. QuickPlan is nowhere near as feature rich and capable as MS Projects, but it is cheap, and I find that it meets the majority of my project planning needs. Resource management and project scheduling are all easy to configure and control and visually quite stunning, something MS project struggles with at times. I’ve been using it for about 4 months now and it’s become my planning staple. I often plan out team activities and dump the output to PDF. I find this doesn’t have any problems especially when you consider most business users won’t have MS project licenses and so could see an MS project anyway. Of course you forfeit the ability to save to Sharepoint or Teams but having a PDF for reference is easily good enough. The other advantage is having the QuickPlan app on the App Store. If you’re a heavy Mac user and looking for an excellent Mac project management tool then this is the one to have.