Desk3 Blogging Tool

Desk3 is a rather simple but effective blogging tool. It’s an editor that allows you to create blog posts simply and then upload them to your blog with ease. Yes you can do all this without buying the app but it makes the process smoother and simpler. It’s elegant and effective.

Setup is rather easy. Desk3 is designed for use with wordpress. So setting it up to access your website blog is just providing the login details.

The idea is that you can edit and create blog posts offline and then when your ready upload them with a click. Your current edits are always saved locally and in the iCloud. Change records are kept too so you can always revert to a previous version.

I also like the look and feel of this. No complication or fidly menus. In fact this caused me some initial jitters because it seemed spartan but I soon realised that its all handled behind the scenes without we having to worry about it.

So end result is you only think about content of the blog.

Recommend this for anyone starting a wordpress blog. Of course you’d need to have a mac too but if you do then this is a must.

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