Coventry Motor Museum

We recently spent the day in Coventry sight seeing when we spotted the motor museum. Although an impressive building we didn’t really have any expectations about what we were about to experience.

First off it’s free. Sure it’s obviously sponsored by Jaguar but it’s all free to the public. There’s a gift shop and a guide that they’re plugging at the start but even then its not expensive. We bought the guide and souvenir for £5. This is especially good when you start to realise how big the museum is and how modern. It’s on two levels with the route winding and weaving around the attraction. You could get through in 30 minutes but you’d miss much.

The experience is exceptional. I say this because there are many interactive displays and information points using many of the latest forms of communication. Touch screen displays. Large screens setup to look like mirrors, interactive walls, etc.

There are a huge selection of vehicles of all types as you’d expect. The displays are in excellent condition and they regularly clean and recondition the exhibits. They’ve a recondition area that is viewable to the public from behind glass. The presentation of the vehicles is also very good with big vibrant displays and sounds representative of the era.

The journey through the museum is a trip through time from the first vehicles to modern day.

We really enjoyed the museum and I recomend it for anyone.

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