Doxie Go SE Scanner

IMG 0583

I’ve been after a hand fed scanner like this for some time. I’ve used a few at work and find them both convenient and better than using a full fledged printer to scan documents. So I decided to take the plunge and get my own. Looking around, most reviews seemed to choose the Doxis. However the price hike isn’t to be scoffed at. It’s quite large. So reading reviews I came to the conclusion it justifies the expense and bought the wireless option.

This piece of kit is wonderful. It’s easily the best hand fed scanner I’ve ever used. It’s just so user friendly and easy to use. I love the idea of scanning whatever without the need for a PC. You just scan away and upload the scans later. A few years ago I scanned hundreds of old photos onto my Mac and then a few months later lost the lot due to me not backing them up and didn’t try again. The scanning exercise took days. I did the same in an hour with the Doxie. At first I thought it wasn’t doing the job because it was so quick. Once you’ve scanned loads of items you can just trust it’s all on the storage card. So I’ve established that I like it. Read on.

First off is the build quality. You can feel it’s good. Metal weighty exterior with functional and well placed buttons. It feels like good quality. Thats an easy thing to say but hard to justify. We’ve all know that feeling we get, when holding something that feels well made. In addition the packaging and guide are equally well done and keeping with the stylish presentation of both the web site, scanner, and documentation. Even the quick guide card included is well presented and stylish. If you go to the web site this style of presentation is kept consistent. It’s a little something that gives you confidence in the product. The downloadable apps are the same, although they could have done with a little more functionality. Example would be more export options or sync to cloud. Minor gripe at most. Like the scanner itself the app gets the job done with no effort.

The wireless method of doing the transfer works well. I’m not sure how convenient it’d be for everyone to use a wireless network link established with the Doxie to do the upload. All I can say is it works for me. It’s also got apps available for Mac, Windows, iOS. Covering all my bases anyway.

One last note that really surprised me is the customer support. I didn’t need any help but the company reached out to me twice to make sure I’m ok. Each time with links and information that could prove helpful. Again it’s a little touch but it matters and adds to the overall impression I get.

So in all I am very surprised by just how good this product is. Both in how it works and it’s support and presentation. I’d definitely say the cost is worth what you get. It’s the best hand fed scanner on the market.