Coventry Motor Museum

We recently spent the day in Coventry sight seeing when we spotted the motor museum. Although an impressive building we didn’t really have any expectations about what we were about to experience.

First off it’s free. Sure it’s obviously sponsored by Jaguar but it’s all free to the public. There’s a gift shop and a guide that they’re plugging at the start but even then its not expensive. We bought the guide and souvenir for £5. This is especially good when you start to realise how big the museum is and how modern. It’s on two levels with the route winding and weaving around the attraction. You could get through in 30 minutes but you’d miss much.

The experience is exceptional. I say this because there are many interactive displays and information points using many of the latest forms of communication. Touch screen displays. Large screens setup to look like mirrors, interactive walls, etc.

There are a huge selection of vehicles of all types as you’d expect. The displays are in excellent condition and they regularly clean and recondition the exhibits. They’ve a recondition area that is viewable to the public from behind glass. The presentation of the vehicles is also very good with big vibrant displays and sounds representative of the era.

The journey through the museum is a trip through time from the first vehicles to modern day.

We really enjoyed the museum and I recomend it for anyone.

Alien Covenant

Alien Covenant

Now I’m a fan of the Alien movies. I love the films and I’ve watched them many times. So myself and my wife watched the new film last night. I don’t know about you but I do tend to fall for movie trailers. I watch them and don’t always realise I’m getting the best bits in 30 seconds. The trailers for Alien Covenant do this as much as most movies but I was surprised that enough had been held back to leave a few surprises. What I mean by this is that the story was different than I expected. This is a good thing. The movie is an extension to the film Prometheus but the story starts by moving it in an unexpected direction. Vague I know, but I’m trying not to give any of it away and spoil it for you. However once the stories path is set, it becomes very obvious whats going to happen. From that point on your just traveling on the rails with no deviations or surprises. What saves it is the fact its a pretty good action film so you don’t really mind.

What you ultimately want from a horror is shock, dread, and dare I say it, horror. Alien Covenant does have shock on its side but practically zero horror. That being said so did Alien 3 and Alien Resurrection and they’re ok.

The special effects and sound are as you’d expect. In fact very good, but these are just dressing. What you actually get is an interesting science fiction adventure with some shock in there but by no means a great Alien movie. So this is where we go back to the trailers. I was expecting a true Alien movie much like the first or second. We actually got something on par with Alien 3 before the director’s version. It has Aliens and is an ok movie but will never rank highly for me.



Desk3 Blogging Tool

Desk3 is a rather simple but effective blogging tool. It’s an editor that allows you to create blog posts simply and then upload them to your blog with ease. Yes you can do all this without buying the app but it makes the process smoother and simpler. It’s elegant and effective.

Setup is rather easy. Desk3 is designed for use with wordpress. So setting it up to access your website blog is just providing the login details.

The idea is that you can edit and create blog posts offline and then when your ready upload them with a click. Your current edits are always saved locally and in the iCloud. Change records are kept too so you can always revert to a previous version.

I also like the look and feel of this. No complication or fidly menus. In fact this caused me some initial jitters because it seemed spartan but I soon realised that its all handled behind the scenes without we having to worry about it.

So end result is you only think about content of the blog.

Recommend this for anyone starting a wordpress blog. Of course you’d need to have a mac too but if you do then this is a must.


Welcome to my Blog

My blog site is simply a retainer for adding any views/reviews of various things that catch my interest, hence the name Brain Dump. If you’re reading this then thank you. My goal is to simply provide an opinion if you wish it and maybe, sometimes provide helpful info.

Hope you like it or find it helpful.

Steven Emmason